On B to B link, our goal is to create an area where you can find, correspond with others about, and make good choices on where your business purchases its next product or service.

Businesses sell to other businesses every day, and businesses also seek out the right business from whom to purchase goods and services. You might find a business to do business with in a number of different ways:

  • at a trade show
  • through a networking event
  • from a referral
  • doing a search on the Internet
  • buying from an established vendor

All are decisions that can be very good ones, or very costly:

  • Ever buy something that you never used?
  • Have software installed on numerous company machines only to find that no one would use it?
  • Buy or purchase from a referred source but ended up very unhappy?
  • Find your established vendor is not as good as a new competitor to them?

Please feel free to interact with others on this site, talk about your experience with any of the businesses, and help all of us provide the best service possible to our clients.